Wouldn’t it be nice to raise and lower your blinds at the touch of a button, providing your business with the optimal level of light without delay? With motorized shades, this is possible. Businesses of varying sizes and industries are making the transition to electronic shades as they are convenient, enhance the aesthetic appeal of commercial spaces, and require minimal maintenance.

Installing Your New Motorized Shades

Plenty of business owners and managers are hesitant to switch from conventional shades to motorized ones as they fear that the installation process will prove difficult or costly. With Central Maryland A/V, this simply isn’t the case. We have the experience and knowledge necessary for the seamless installation of motorized shades at your place of business. We install electronic shades of the right size and with the proper functionality at your office, store, or other commercial space. We simplify the process and provide stress-free installation. Our team walks you through the operation of your new motorized blinds so you can start using them right away without issue.

Light and Privacy Are Just a Touch Away

While the act of opening and closing or raising and lowering blinds is simple, these mundane tasks become far more complicated when you consider the size and number of windows in a commercial space. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply press a button whenever necessary to raise or lower any and all shades as appropriate? You can even set specific times for the shades to raise or lower automatically. Electronic blinds are quiet, convenient, and easy to use. Their advanced capabilities don’t come at the cost of their appearance; the battery is concealed to ensure your new electronic shades look as sleek as possible.

Central Maryland A/V Is at Your Service

Do you own or manage a business that still relies on traditional shades? It is time to upgrade. Reach out to us today to learn more about the merits of motorized shades and schedule an evaluation or installation at your commercial property.