Wireless access points, commonly referred to as WAPs, are networking devices that permit computers capable of operating wirelessly to directly connect to wired networks. Rather than using cables and wires to connect devices within the network, it’s much more practical and convenient to install WAPs. When you choose to work with Central Maryland A/V, we handle all the technical work involved in installation and setup so you don’t have to.

The Merits of WAPs

There are numerous benefits wireless access points offer your business. WAPs are comparably secure, affordable, and very convenient. Adding new users to your office network is simpler and faster when using a WAP rather than a more traditional connection alternative. It enables your team to seamlessly remain online while moving from one part of the office to another without any interruption or disconnection. It doesn’t exclusively benefit employees; if guests visit your facilities, they may connect with a given password. The addition of a virtual local area network that safeguards network assets and resources makes it possible to easily group users into categories of employees, guests, etc.

Why WAPs Are so Important

Each business has its own motivations behind making the decision to add WAPs. Some business owners and managers want to set up a wireless connection within their existing wired network. Others are looking for a convenient way to allow compatibility between a wired network and wireless devices. WAPs also expand the wired system’s strength and range for broader, consistent connection and can eliminate dead spots within your building. We will also help you configure your selected wireless access point settings in a single device. This is the effective, comprehensive service you need.

Strategic WAP Installation

There are several factors to consider when determining where wireless access points should be placed and installed. Our A/V technicians perform a wireless survey of your site and consider your goals and any constraints prior to placing the access point. Your building’s floor plan, the intended coverage area, number of employees, and number of devices are a few of the most common factors that impact the process. We don’t cut corners and always take the time to learn all about your business so we can make the best possible recommendations.

Central Maryland A/V Is at Your Service

If you’re unhappy with your current internet setup or simply want to know more about wireless access points, get in touch with us today. You can call for more information and to schedule service.